Employee Race Night! - April 21st

Heavenly Employee Race Night at World Cup on April 21st!

**Sign Up is REQUIRED: Sign up HERE** 

This race is open to all active and SIS employees.


Race Formats:

The race will consist of 2 runs, one blue and one red, with the fastest lap counting for the individual's result.

It will be both individual and team format, with the following categories or "Class" being recognized 1st, 2nd & 3rd individually:

  • Men's Ski
  • Women's Ski
  • Men's Snowboard
  • Women's Snowboard
  • Master (45+)
  • *Inclusive Category

*This category is in support of our employees who identify as non-binary, gender fluid, or gender expansive. Transgender participants are also welcome to register in this category if they do not want to compete in Men's, Women's or Master's.

*The Inclusive Category also extends to any participants who use adaptive equipment.


For the Team or "Department" aspect to the race, the 3 fastest single runs will be counted from the following categories within the department:

  • Men's
  • Women's
  • Master
  • Inclusive Category

Everybody will be assigned a team, departments may be grouped up or split up based on participation. Only 1 time will be counted from each category.